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Evaluating Impact


Good evaluation not only answers the question, ‘did it work?’, but also documents your successes and gives you data for ongoing improvement.


California state law, as well as Title I, requires yearly evaluation of the programs in your SPSA.  Building evaluation and documentation into your program from the beginning of your planning process is a great foundation for success.  


Guidelines for annual evaluation of a Title I schoolwide program can be found here.


Recommendations for developing and conducting evaluations for the SPSA can be found here.


Film: Data, Evaluation, and Research - Methods to Build and Strengthen Your Program


School leaders share strategies for incorporating data, research, and evaluation into your program as a core element of ongoing learning and improvement.

For more detailed information on how to design effective evaluation and assessment templates for Title I Schoolwide Programs, please see the document below:

Title I Templates for Assessment and Evaluation

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