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Arts programs can help schools achieve the goals of Title I 
by facilitating student engagement and learning, strengthening parent involvement, and improving school climate and school
wide behavior. 

This site provides resources for school leaders who wish to embrace arts programming among their strategies for achieving Title I goals. It is intended, in particular, for schools with schoolwide Title I programs, and includes tools for planning, implementing, and evaluating arts-based strategies in alignment with state and federal Title I regulations. Start here to begin planning your own program.

Arts education remains critical to leveling the playing field of opportunity.
— Arne Duncan, Former Secretary of Education
Schools and districts may use Title I funds to support arts programs that improve student outcomes and facilitate educational equity. 
Dr. Monique Chism, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education and Former Director of Student Achievement and School Accountability Programs for the U.S. Department of Education, provided an overview of this guidance in a Letter to State Title I Directors and in remarks at the 2014 National Title I Conference (left).
Film: Title I and the Arts
In 2011, the California Alliance for Arts Education began a policy initiative to help schools and districts understand how arts strategies can support Title I goals.  This short animation is an introduction to how Title I funding works and the connections between evidence-based arts strategies and achieving student success through academic support, student engagement, family and community involvement, and positive school climate and culture.



 is a project of the California Alliance for Arts Education, now in its fourth decade of working to build a brighter future for the state by making the arts a core part of every child's education.


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