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Developing a Plan


Now that you’ve gathered your data, targeted your needs, and selected a research-based strategy, you need to write a plan for approval by your school site council.  Federal law requires a written schoolwide plan that divides your strategies into actionable goals.  In California, the Single Plan for School Achievement, or SPSA, formalizes your program strategy, attaches it to a budget, and assures compliance with state and federal law.  It also gives you a blueprint for the work you are doing to ensure your program’s success.



Writing your plan will give you an opportunity to review your arts-based strategy and see how it aligns with other stratgies for student success at your school.  It's good to make sure that all your student support strategies build up to a coherent whole.  


The Title I guide for developing a schoolwide program suggests guidelines for developing strategies and program goals here.


The SPSA forms for setting academic strategies and goals can be found here.  The form for non-academic goals is here.



Here's where you build your Title I Schoolwide Arts Program into your overall school budget.  These are the numbers you'll be held accountable for by your district, as well as the funds you have at your disposal for supporting students through staff, resources, and professional development.  If your Title I funds allow for additional staffing, professional development, field trips, or partnerships with community organizations, make sure to note it here.


A budget-planning tool for the SPSA is available here.



If your plan for an arts-based program targets school needs derived from data analysis and your needs assessment, and is based on a proven research-based strategy, then you should be compliant with federal and state law.  It's worth making sure that all your i's are dotted and your t's crossed before you submit your plan -- have your team review it together one final time before submission.



















The Single Plan for Student Achievement

The end result of all the work is the Single Plan for Student Achievement.  Click on the blue text to link to the official template for the California SPSA.  A resource guide of helpful forms and terminologies can be accessed here.

The Alliance has developed 5 sample SPSAs that demonstrate how to write research-based arts strategies into your school's SPSA in compliance with state and federal regulations.  These can be downloaded and adapted to your own school needs.

The Story of the San Diego Unified School District Learning Through the Arts Project


In 2014, San Diego Unified School District committed $3 million in Title I funds to student success through arts integrated initiatives.  Here is the story of how it came together.

Click on the image below to download a PDF file with all 5 SPSA examples.

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