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The arts can be a part of your school success strategy


The resources outlines in the next pages are here to help you move your schoolwide plan from idea to reality.  Click on the image to your right to read a policy paper outlining how federal and state policy can guide the appropriate use of Title I funds to support arts education strategies for school improvement.


When you are ready to start planning, the annual planning cycle diagrammed below, developed from both federal Title I guidelines and the California state guidelines for the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA), is meant to serve as a helpful guide.  Click on any of the circles in the diagram to access more in-depth resources for each step in the cycle; or just use the drop-down menu above in the menu bar.

For more detailed information and support about the annual planning cycle for school programs, please click the links to the documents below:

Federal Guidelines for Designing

A Title I Schoolwide Program

California State Guidelines for the

Single Plan for Student Achievement

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