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School Climate and Culture - Middle School


Below is the research linking arts strategies to school climate and culture at the middle school level.  Click on any of the study citations to link to a full summary of the study in ArtsEdSearch, the online database of arts education research.


School Climate and Culture 




  • Students who participate in arts programming demonstrate fewer behavioral problems and decreased participation in risky, delinquent and/or violent behavior compared with other peers (Wright et al., 2006; Respress & Lufti, 2006).


  • Participation in drama programming is associated with increased conflict resolution skills and ability to work effectively in groups (Catterall, 2007).


  • Students involved in arts integrated programming develop the habits of active, independent citizens; demonstrate greater awareness and understanding of their communities, and see themselves as agents of change (Krensky, 2001; Stevenson & Deasy, 2005).

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